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In 1987, we were dissatisfied with the way substance abuse services were being offered and promoted for both adolescents and adults, thus we began Sameem Associates in order to offer more comprehensive and improved programs and facilities.

In the late 1980’s, states across the nation were cutting budgets and cutting necessary programs while at the same time, drug and alcohol abuse was increasing among all populations.  Teens however are a group that has always suffered when it comes to substance abuse services and that problem continues to exist today.

Sameem Associates Inc. has grown to be one of the premier outpatient addictions treatment clinics in the Northeast.  Sameem is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of certified and licensed clinicians.   Sameem offers comprehensive treatment in all areas of behavioral health, providing specialty services for adolescents and their parents, outpatient detoxification, the courts, college and professional athletes as well as trauma survivors.

Our website gives you a snap shot of both services and information from the community at large.  Our treatment programs continue to service both adolescents and adults in all areas of substance abuse care.  We continually offer state of the art information and treatment for substance abuse problems so that Sameem Associates is a resource for the entire community.

Matt Green
Joan Green

Co- Directors

MATT GREEN, LMHC has more than 30 years experience treating patients with both psychiatric and addictive disorders. He has developed education, hotline and treatment programs for outpatient clinics, hospitals and human service organizations nationwide.

Matt is a co-director of Sameem Associates, lnc., one of the premier outpatient addiction treatment organizations in the Northeast. He has authored several book chapters, manuals and professional articles. He is also a Treatment Clinician (TC) for the National Football League (NFL) Program for Substances of Abuse, since 1997. (This program is a cosponsored by the NFL Management Council and the Players Association). Matt has led the Rookie Seminar on Substance Abuse as part of the Conduct Program for the National Football League for the New England Patriots Football Team, Player Development Program in 2008,2009 and 2010.

In September 2000 he developed and presented a Case Presentation to the annual NFL (National Football League) Conference for Treating Clinicians as part of the Program for Substances of Abuse, directed by the Medical Director Dr. Spatafora. He has worked for several years with players from the Football and Basketball Division I teams at Boston College - Dr. Arnold Mazur, Medical Liason.

In September of 1985, Matt delivered testimony to the United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control - Charles Rangel (NY) Chair, on the drug problem that exists in the public school system.

Matt currently consults and supervises physicians who are monitored by Physician Health Services a corporation of the Massachusetts Medical Society for Impaired Physicians. He monitors selected physicians who require observed random Urine Toxic Screening. He has also served as a consultant to various schools, government organizations, hospitals and corporations (such as Arrow Electronics, Titleist Footjoy, American Airlines, Boston Police Dept., and others)

Matt chaired the City of Newton Substance Abuse Coalition (established in 1980) for 10 years and serves on the advisory board for the city of Newton Youth Commission and was Special Advisor to the Mayor of Newton. Matt has also been a frequent presenter at the Northeast Annual Conference for Group Psychotherapy, the Massachusetts Association for Drug and Alcohol Abuse counselors' conference and at the national conference for the Substance Abuse Programs Administrators Association as well as at many hospitals sponsored programs.

Matt was a consultant to HBO (Home Box Office) in the filming of their award winning documentary, "How to Raise a Drug Free Child". He also appeared and consulted to the "HealthWeek" production of "Party Pills" a Newsweek Film Production in association with PBS (Public Broadcasting Systems); and taped a segment for CBS The Early Show with Bryant Gumbel. Matt was also featured on Boston's WBZ Radio on the Jordan Rich Show. The show discussed techniques for anxiety management and stress reduction as well as the latest in substance abuse treatment options. Most recently, Matt was featured on Talking about Health with Dan Perkins on WEZE Radio - AM 590 discussing adolescent substance abuse.

Matt traveled to the island of S1. Martin in the Caribbean-Netherlands, Antilles for over 3 years 1992 - 1995 to establish Turning Point, a substance abuse treatment center for the chain of islands. This program was supported in part through private capital and in part by a coordinated effort between the Dutch and French governments.

In August 2004, John Kelly, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, Brown University Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies and Matt Green collaborated on a pilot study for adolescents receiving treatment for alcohol and/or drug problems. The study was funded by Brown University with the hope that it would provide enough data to then receive support for a larger study from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) part of the National Institutes on Health (NIH). The pilot program was completed in March 2005. In July 2006, Dr. Kelly, Associate Director of the MGH/Harvard Addiction Research Program (part of the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital), was awarded a grant to embark on a 4-year study on adolescents in treatment for alcohol/drug problems by NIAAA. Sameem Associates, Inc. once again played a major role in this study. The recruitment phase of the study ended in August 2009.

From 1977-1990 Matt worked for the Newton Public Schools holding positions as counselor for the Youth Development Program a jointly sponsored program of the Newton Public Schools and the Judge Baker Guidance Center, school adjustment counselor, school psychologist intern, and drug and alcohol counselor for the secondary schools. With the help of the school committee and principals at Newton North and Newton South High school, he created the Newton Drug and Alcohol Program which served to evaluate students who were at risk for substance abuse problems. He became part of the IEP team for many students, making recommendations for treatment. He also ran groups and did individual work with students at risk. After resigning his position in 1990, the school system hired full time drug and alcohol counselors at each of the two high schools.

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JOAN GREEN, LMHC, M Ed. has over years experience in the treatment of addictions disorders. Joan has developed education, hotline and treatment programs for numerous organizations.   She founded the Newton Youth Drug/Alcohol (substance abuse) Program in Newton, Massachusetts - networking schools, courts, employers, the police department, probation departments, parole boards, and treatment facilities for treating adolescent offenders with chemical dependencies.  This program has been used as a model nationwide with more than 100 schools and communities using the model to establish drug and alcohol intervention programs. Joan continues to work extensively with police departments across the state (Mass.) in establishing community-based programs.

Since the mid-1970’s Joan has been a driving force in the development of youth programs in the Greater Boston Area, initiating and developing a local Teenage Mothers’ Program, Summer Therapeutic Recreation program and Youth development program.   For over 15 years, Joan has been a clinical consultant to large city police departments (i.e. Boston), as well as federal agencies, such as DEA.

In addition to her clinical work, Joan, along with Matt Green, coordinated clinical resources for clients of Robert Stutman & Associates Inc., a substance abuse in the workplace-consulting firm. In their work with Stutman Associates, they traveled throughout the United States and the Caribbean, establishing 24/7 hotlines as well as training and teaching in hospitals, clinics, school systems and government agencies.

Joan is frequently invited to speak on the subject of “Intervention Strategies for Chemical Dependent Adolescents”.  She has spoken at many local, regional and national conferences including the Substance Abuse Programs Administrators Association in St. Louis, MO, the National Council on Alcoholism in Washington DC and the Governor’s Alliance Against Drugs conference.

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CHERYL HUNT, Psy.D.   is a clinical psychologist and a trauma specialist. Dr. Hunt is a staff psychologist at the Trauma Center in Boston, MA.

Cheryl has worked in numerous mental health settings including hospitals (inpatient as well as emergency rooms) and various outpatient clinics. She trained and worked at the award winning Victims of Violence Program at the Cambridge Hospital and was Chief Psychologist at the Women's Treatment Program at Metro West Medical Center. Cheryl has held an academic appointment at Harvard Medical School and currently is on the clinical faculty at the Trauma Center in Boston (affiliated with Boston University Medical School).

In addition to trauma treatment, Cheryl also specializes in substance abuse treatment and is certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  Cheryl employs EMDR with patients who experience acute stress disorder as well as post traumatic stress disorder.  Cheryl has presented at numerous academic conferences in psychology locally and nationally.

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SUZANNE BRENNAN-NATHAN, LICSW specializes in the treatment of trauma and addictive behaviors.  She is currently the clinical director of the south area office of Sameem Associates Inc in Sharon, MA.  Suzanne was the founding director of the award winning Child Sexual Abuse Team at Cambridge Hospital.  She has worked as a victim specialist in a variety of clinical settings and directs a group treatment program for Adult Children of Alcoholics.  Suzanne also has experience as an expert witness and guardian ad litem.

Suzanne has served on the faculties of several universities including Harvard Medical School, Boston College and Boston University.  Suzanne has also lectured throughout the Greater Boston area on addictions, the psychology of trauma, child abuse as well as the psychology of women.

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LUIS T. SANCHEZ, M.D. is a staff psychiatrist at Sameem Associates, Inc. Dr. Sanchez received his medical degree from Harvard Medical School.  He completed a general medical internship and psychiatric residency at the Cambridge Hospital.  He has held numerous positions in the Greater Boston area including; Medical Director of Special Treatment Team for Addictions, Cambridge-Somerville Unit at Westborough State Hospital; Chief of Psychiatry at Central Hospital in Somerville, MA; Associate Medical Director at Pembroke Hospital, Pembroke, MA; Medical Director of the Addictions Treatment program at Waltham-Weston Hospital, Waltham, MA; Medical Director at the Division of Addictions at Cambridge Hospital; Medical Director of the Addictions and Dual Diagnosis Unit at the Arbour Hospital.

In addition to his work at Sameem Associates, Dr. Sanchez is currently the Director of Physician Health Services (PHS), a corporation of the Massachusetts Medical Society, which provides support and monitoring for physicians with a range of health issues including substance abuse, mental health and medical problems.

Dr. Sanchez is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and has added qualifications in Addiction Psychiatry.

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BARRY POMERANTZ, LICSW, CAS, MSW is a senior clinician at Sameem Associates specializing in Family Therapy and has extensive experience treating adolescents.

A graduate of Boston University School of Social Work, Barry has been a senior clinician at Children’s Hospital and Family Service. He consults to a number of independent day and boarding schools in New England and maintains a private practice in Newton, MA.

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CRAIG BENNETT, LICSW has over years of experience in the field of mental health. Craig is a practitioner of individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy for all age groups.   Craig works primarily in the South area, Sharon, MA, office of Sameem Associates, Inc.

Craig received his MSW from Simmons College School of Social Work. He is a Board Certified Diplomat in Clinical Social Work. He is proficient in working with individuals who have concerns about substance abuse. Craig is accomplished in both short and long-term psychotherapy with an emphasis on solution focused treatment.

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CARIE GAVIGAN, Ph. D. is a staff psychologist at Sameem Associates.  She specializes in psychotherapy and substance abuse treatment for adults, young adults and adolescents.  Dr. Gavigan provides individual, couple and group psychotherapy. She specializes in addiction and substance abuse treatment as well as assertive communication.
She earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from Forham University where her dissertation focused on motivational issues in substance abuse treatment.  Carie has worked in a variety of settings including Pembroke Hospital, Stepping Stone Day Treatment Center, Psychiatric Institute at Malden Hospital, as well as other residential youth settings. In addition to her training as a psychologist, Dr Gavigan also holds a masters degree in Art Therapy and is an adjunct professor at Lesley University where she teaches in both the graduate Expressive Therapies and Counseling Psychology departments.  Dr. Gavigan also maintains a private practice in Newton, MA.

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SUE KORBER, RN, MS, CS is a clinical nurse specialist with more than years experience working with children, adolescents and adults.  She currently prescribes medication to both children and adults in our Newton and Sharon locations.  Sue has extensive training and expertise in psychopharmacological treatment of affective disorders, anxiety disorders, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), dual diagnosis and substance abuse treatment.

Sue has been on staff at Children’s Hospital in Boston, Tufts New England Medical Center, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates and Charles River Health Management. Sue also directed the Mental Health program at the Brighton Marine Health Plan serving children, ages 0-17, who are dependents of military personnel.

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DEBORAH SOSIN, LICSW, conducts individual therapy and facilitates recovery groups at Sameem Associates.  Deborah is a clinical supervisor at North Charles Institute for the Addictions in Somerville, Mass., and has a small private practice.  She has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings in the Greater Boston area, including New England Memorial Hospital and Children's Hospital.  Deborah’s work focuses on adolescent girls, women’s issues, trauma, family systems and eating disorders. Her experience also includes training and supervising mental health professionals in group work with adult sexual abuse survivors.

A 1982 graduate of Smith College School for Social Work, Deborah also served as faculty field advisor at Boston College Graduate School of Social Work and is currently on the clinical faculties of Boston University School of Social Work and Simmons College School of Social Work. She published “The Diary as a Transitional Object in Female Adolescent Development” in Adolescent Psychiatry (1983), based on her original research, and has given talks on the subject in the Boston area and at the 1985 International Conference on Adolescent Psychiatry in Paris, France.   Deborah is the former publications director at Hebrew College in Newton and is a freelance writer and experienced editor.  She is currently working on a book drawn from her 1960s teen diaries.

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LISA LISS, CPNP, PMHS, is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner (CPNP) and Pediatric Mental Health Specialist  (PMHS).   She has her Bachelors Degree in Management and holds two master's degrees.  She has a Masters of Education M.Ed from Cambridge College and  She has working with patients with substance abuse and other behavioral and mental health patients for 5 years.   She swims daily, has an adolescent daughter, and a owns pug named Ninja.

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