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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Assessing the issue
Drug Testing

Assessing the issue
1. How can I tell if my child is high on marijuana?
2. What can I say if I find drugs in my child's bedroom?
3. How do I talk with my son so he doesn't get defensive?
4. When do I start believing my daughter again?
5. How can I get my daughter to stop behaving this way?
6. Can I teach responsible drinking by buying my children beer, as long as they only drink in the house.
7. Should I bail my son out of jail? They will only release him into my custody.
8. Does he really need drug treatment?
9. My daughter uses drugs not alcohol - why does she need to go to AA?

Drug Testing

10. How often should I drug test my child?
11. My kid says he can beat the drug test - is that true?
12. I heard that the only way to detect LSD is through a spinal tap?
13. What drugs need to be tested for?
14. What do I do if the drug test comes back positive?
15. Is drug testing reliable? What is the 'window of opportunity' to detect drugs (how soon after drug use can drugs be detected and for how long)?


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