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Self-Assessment: Does My Child Have a Drug Problem?

1. Parent Self-Assessment Checklist: Use this tool to answer the question: "How can I tell if my child is using drugs?"

2. Parent Self-Assessment Quiz: Use this self-scoring tool to help determine if your child is at risk for a drug and/or alcohol problems.

Once you've completed one or more assessments, the following 3-step guide will help parents get direction for them and their children:

1. View our Frequently Asked Questions by parents who have been there and the answers.

2. Tell us about yourself and your child and ask us a question that our experts will answer within 48 hours.

3. Ask our experts follow-up questions and receive answers that can guide you.

Please note: This website and all it's information in no way intends to be an all-inclusive professional diagnostic test or evaluation. It in no way infers nor implies that it's resources or the information received from it is to take the place of professional and/or medical advice or therapy. Anyone with concerns should seek professional advice. This questionaire is designed to identify areas of focus for personal/family education and improvement.



After you have completed this checklist, you may wish to view the Confronting your Teen page.


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